Parents And Teachers Conferences

In our recent parent-teacher conference event, we invited parents to step into the vibrant world of our kindergarten activities. The event was filled with explanation of our interactive activities and programme that showcased the incredible growth and development our kindergarteners have achieved.

From colorful art projects to captivating science experiments, shows the journey through the diverse activities that have been shaping our students’ educational journey. Explore the creative masterpieces our children have crafted, witness the awe-inspiring moments of discovery during science exploration, and dive into the world of literacy through engaging games and stories.

Not only did parents get to witness the incredible progress their children have made, but they also had the opportunity to engage with our passionate teachers, who shared valuable insights into the skills being fostered through each activity. Whether it was enhancing fine motor skills through art or developing critical thinking through hands-on experiments, parents left with a deeper understanding of their child’s growth and learning trajectory.